Regentropfen University College (ReCAS) recognizes that there are a number of young people, who are intelligent, have the necessary qualifications to pursue tertiary education but cannot afford part or all of the fees required. The Scholarship Directorate was thus established to take care of these needs. Currently, the scholarship directorate is under the auspices of the office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs.

Generally, the directorate offers the following services:

  1. Guidance of students to scholarships available at scholarship secretariate
  2. Guidance of students to access SSNIT Students’ Loan Fund
  3. Organization of ReCAS’ scholarship examinations
  4. Publication of vacancies for work and study on campus.

Candidates looking for scholarship from the institution MUST apply prior to entry. The social background of the person will be examined and the ability of the institution to offer such scholarship also be taken into consideration. No student or candidate has legal recourse against the institution with respect to acceptance or non-acceptance for the scholarship.

For students enjoying the internal ReCAS’ Scholarship package, the scholarship may be withdrawn if performance of the student is below second class upper division in two consecutive semesters.


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